How To Be A Calmer Parent

This 25 minute webinar created and run by a Child Psychologist can transform your thinking and allow you to parent in a calm and in control manner. This webinar teaches you cognitive strategies to change your mindset as a parent, especially during those challenging moments.

Your mindset as a parent is your most important parenting tool! This webinar is a crash course in Cognitive Behavioural Strategies, teaching you how to change your thinking which in turn can help you change the way you parent your child.

The only certainty with parenting is that there will always be a new problem, are new life stressors, or a new stage of development to deal with.

We can’t change these things and we have very little control over them.

What we can have complete control over is our thoughts and our behaviour. You will learn the importance of your mindset and tangible strategies to use in the moment to become a calmer parent.

This webinar is designed to help you transform the way you approach parenting and teach you specific tools that will help you navigate the challenges of parenting, and help you to remain calm and in control.

Do you find yourself losing your cool with your child?

Do you want to stop feeling frustrated with your child's behaviour?

Do you want to learn how to contain your anxiety and frustration as a parent?

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Parents just love the Change Your Mindset webinar as they learn practical steps that they can start using straightaway!

I get it, being a parent is HARD WORK!

Just when you figure one stage out your child has moved onto a new stage. The only certainty there is as parent is that there will always be a new challenge to face!

My friends often say they want to know my parenting tricks.

It got me thinking what is the key thing that separates me from other parents?

As a child psychologist I have a wealth of knowledge and understanding on child development and behaviour, but what is the key thing that helps me the most on my parenting journey? What have all my years of study and decade of work as a child psychologist taught me that I implement into my parenting on a daily basis?

After thinking about this I realised there is one key thing that impacts on all aspects of my role as a mother. It helps me to contain my frustration and anxiety when things aren’t going well. It helps me to have a strong secure attachment with my child.

It’s the bread and butter of what I teach my clients day in and day out. That is, to have control over our thoughts.

Once we learn to have control over our thoughts we have control over our behaviour. We have control over how external circumstances affect us.

We have the power and control over our feelings.

In this webinar I am going to give you practical and essential tools that will start to transform you as a parent. If you have time to work with a psychologist and dive deeply into these skills then please do so as they are invaluable.

For most of us as parents, we are time poor. So I wanted to create a short but effective workshop that can give parents these key skills and tools to start using today! If you are ready to transform your parenting then this webinar is for you.

What we'll cover

Cognitive strategies to change your thinking and help you to become a calmer parent (especially during those really challenging moments!)



You will learn why your mindset as a parent is so important and then practical strategies to help you change to a more positive mindset (especially in those stressful moments).



Learn evidence based cognitive behavioural strategies to help shift your mindset and allow you to be a calmer parent.



I created the CCALM method to help parents be more successful on their parenting journey by explaining five key things that effective parenting requires.



The hardest thing is being able to apply what you know in those stressful moments. You will learn some simple strategies and tips to tell yourself to help you remain calm and change your thinking in the moments when it really counts.



We will cover common errors parents make that lead to them feeling frustrated and angry with their child. This will help you to identify if you are making these same thinking errors so that you can stop making them.

Change Your Mindset


  • Immediate and lifetime access to the on demand webinar
  • Learn ways to be a calmer parent with practical strategies you can start using immediately
  • Learn basic Cognitive Behavioural Therapy strategies
  • Learn some strategies for how to gain control of your feelings and behaviour
  • Learn some ways of responding to your child to help build a secure attachment with them
  • Learn about the CCALM Method of parenting

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